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Five Points Larimer and Lawrence February Meeting

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We Believe in the Power of Women.

Over the past several years, women business owners and entrepreneurs were gaining traction in the marketplace at a steady pace. Between 2014 and 2019, the number of women-owned businesses climbed 21% to a total of nearly 13 million. Employment grew by 8%. Revenue rose 21%. At the same time, businesses owned by women of color grew an astounding 43% and Black women-owned firms grew even faster at 50%.


Project Vision


Retail Partnerships

Thru branding, social initiatives, public art and events we will support our existing retail and welcoming many new partners to our community.


Community Space

We know that when people come together, they feel a part of something bigger than themselves and prosperity follows: economically, socially, culturally and soulfully.

Note: These materials are conceptual in nature and intended to illustrate the rezoning strategy proposed by EDENS and VOA. Prior to being finalized they will be subject to change through design development and City of Denver SDP and zoning review.


EDENS and the VOA
A Partnership for a Good Cause

Volunteers of America Colorado is a nonprofit, faith-based organization dedicated to helping those in-need transform their lives.

For 125 years, Volunteers of America Colorado has anchored its service to the community on Larimer Street in Downtown Denver and our presence will remain. Volunteers of America Colorado will continue to be a leading human service provider in downtown Denver through the Mission on Lawrence St, Family Motel, Sinton’s Sanctuary, affordable housing, and Meals on Wheels service. Volunteers of America Colorado provides nearly 1,000,000 meals a year to more than 60,000 vulnerable Coloradans. The majority of the food distributed to the community currently moves through our Larimer Street property, which is too small and outdated.

The VOA & EDENS partnership will help expand nutrition services for Colorado’s growing food scarcity situation.

Through this partnership VOA Colorado is able to:
• Expand its Hunger Services programs focused on feeding homebound seniors
• Strengthen VOA’s overall position to carry on its mission into the future
• Keep VOA’s headquarters at 27th & Larimer Streets


Community Outreach

2/16/2022 – Community Outreach Town Hall Presentation (In-Person and Virtual)
2/9/2022 – Heart of Five Points RNO Presentation
2/3/2022 – Curtis Park RNO Update Presentation
1/26/2022 – Community Outreach Town Hall Presentation (In-Person and Virtual)
10/21/2021 – Curtis Park RNO Presentation
10/7/2021 – Curtis Park RNO Presentation
9/30/2021 – S*Park HOA Open House
7/21/2021 – Neighborhood Open House (Invited all of Curtis Park Neighborhood and RiNo Art District)
7/8/2021 – Curtis Park Neighborhood Design Subcommittee
6/14/2021 – Curtis Park Neighborhood Design Subcommittee
6/3/2021 – Curtis Park RNO Presentation
5/17/2021 – Curtis Park Neighborhood Design Subcommittee
4/8/2021 – RiNo District RNO Presentation
3/23/21 – Curtis Park RNO Presentation

*Community Outreach also includes numerous tours of EDENS’ existing retail and next phase development with neighbors and community members.


Project Documents



When we feel a part of something bigger than ourselves, we take care of each other and prosper: economically, socially, culturally and soulfully. EDENS is a retail real estate owner, operator and developer of a nationally leading portfolio of 125 places. We opened our Denver office in 2016. Our purpose is to enrich community through human engagement.

Our work is bigger than real estate; we are in the business of humanity.

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